There is absolutely no shortcuts.

In order to create a healthy, tamed & happy syrian pet, it is a must for a syrian hamster owner to fully study & understand their furry friend's behaviour & its individual personality. 

Knowledge plays an important part for an owner. It is therefore an absolute duty for the master to get the necessary information BEFORE bringing a syrian hamster home and truly think of its commitment.
But where can the relevant information be obtained?

1) Read, Read & Read to understand.
2) Research can be obtain from the websites or through Guide Books which can easily be access from the Library or Book stores.
3) Getting useful tips from existing Syrian hamster owners & responsible syrian breeders.

Syrian Hamster Behavior

1) They are solitary rodent and are very territorial.
- Must be housed in singles.
- Required spacious cage / aquarium tank.
- They are nocturnal and tend to sleep mostly during the days 
- They love exploring & get active in the late evenings.
- They need wheels to stay healthy and live to their fullest lifespan.

Choosing a healthy syrian hamster

Yes!! The bigger the syrian hamster, the better. However size alone does not guarantee good health. Just because the syrian is eating, drinking, running on wheels and it is huge in size, do not really justify that it is healthy. You can be bringing home the perfect size syrian hamster in one day and found it dead without any valid reason the very next few days without any cause. For this reason, i is most important to find out the syrian hamster's previous lifestyle and background from its previous owner.
It is not advisable to go for free adult syrian hamster or hamsters above 8 months of age. 
For three reasons:
1) Free adult syrian hamsters most of the time are females which had been kept for breeding and these rodents normally are use to small and cramp cages without any running wheels. They are abessed and unhealthy. The next owner must be cautious not to provide sudden change to its new living conditions These dramatic changes may cause sudden death to the creatures. Example of sudden changes are 
a) a change from a small cage to a spacious cage. 
b) From no wheels to run on, to a 21cm wheels. 
2) Low rehome fee syrian hamster.
a) A good quality syrian hamster comes with a minimum of $30 maintanence cost each month.
b) A good quality syrian hamster needs good quality dry mixed food, fresh greens daily and good bedding for their fur and features to really stand out.

A healthy syrian hamster should have the following criteria:
1) Bright, perky and alert outlook
- Any signs of watery eyes / running nose or having third eyelids should be avoided. - 
2) Hamsters that shiver or sneeze indicates signs of early illnesses.
2) They should have a clean and smooth coat. 
- Avoid getting hamsters with matted / dirty fur, wet tail, those with cuts or missing patches on their furs.
3) Last and most importantly, is to really checked for
syrian hamster.
- Majority of  breeders and syrian hamster buyers are actually ignorant about KINKED TAIL issue. - A hamster with kinked tail should never be breed.       - This kinked tail issue is a very common problem in Dark Grey Syrians, but they can occur in any colored hamster of any species. The kinked issue is cause by genetic deformation of the spinal defect and If the deformity is not severe, the hamster can live a fairly normal life as a pet. In a severe case, the syrian will experience hind paralysis and this problem often occurs in male syrian hamsters, where the affected animal will only be paralyzed once it reaches its adulthood.

Welcoming the syrian hamster to its new home

Knowledge with passion brings out a responsible owner

Locating a responsible and good syrian breeder is the key to a healthy syrian pet 

Solitary Rodents

Syrian Hamster is a high maintanence pet.

Solitary and territorial rodents

Reputable Local Syrian Breeder

1) House Of Chinchilla
2) Peekaboo Hamstery
3) Skribbletots Hamstery
4) Hamszupster Hamstery

The above mentioned local Hamstery breeders have been around for few years are recommended for their professionalism service and quality breed syrian pups.