Male Syrian Hamster was adopted by a nice responsible lady living in Jurong West in July 2013. 

Jaydee, the cute name given to this golden, long hair syrian is given such wonderful and luxurious treatments by human Mummy. His fur grows to be super beautiful and he has shown great differencein the weight and size growth. 

Picture on the left was Jaydee few months after the adoption and the picture below is Jaydee, the full grown male syrian adult.

Jaydee in his huge tank house, well furnished with home made furniture. Jaydee was given a nice 21cm wheel and has been fed with well balance diet. He is very well groomed and have such great bonding with his lady Mummy. Such passionate and loving owner he had gotten himself.

Our special thanks to Jaydee's Human Mummy for giving him a chance to be live this life.

We hope to have more responsible & truly passionate syrian owners like you.